The club works to the structured syllabus of the International Association of Wing Chun Kung Fu (IAWCKF). The syllabus incorporates several grades within each level. A student would be expected to complete a grading within a given level on average, once every six months, though is only a guide. This is because a students learning and understanding of the Wing Chun system is a journey, not a race and as such should be savoured and not rushed through.

Level 1 – Siu Nim Tao – ‘The Little Idea’

  • Siu Nim Tao form gives the student a solid foundation of techniques on which to build his ability. This level also includes the practice of single leg Siu Nim Tao and Dan Chi Sau.

Level 2 – Chum Kiu – ‘Searching for the Bridge’

  • Chum Kiu form, adding the ability to turn, kick and step brings the static techniques of level 1 to life. This level also introduces Seung Chi Sau.

Level 3 – Biu Jee – ‘Darting Fingers’

  • Biu Jee form, teaches the use of elbow and finger strikes and also specific rescue techniques for when things go wrong.

Level 4 – Muk Yan Jong – ‘Wooden Man (dummy)’

  • Muk Yan Jong form, the use of the techniques from the three boxing form plus the advanced Jong techniques make this the first of the advanced levels.

Level 5 – Luk Dim Boon Gwun – ‘Pole Form’

  • Luk Dim Boon Gwun form teaches the six and a half points of the long pole. Strength gained in the stance, waist and arms result in added strength and power to all the Wing Chun techniques.

Level 6 – Baat Jam Dao – ‘Eight Knives Technique’

  • Baat Jam Dao form teaches the use of the only bladed weapon within the Wing Chun system. The more advanced footwork from this form is now blended with the techniques from the other forms.